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Cargo Securement for Material Handing


Cargo Securement is a big term. It may refer to flat bed truck transporation safety, it may also refer to our daily cargo control in your Pickup Car.

Solid Products Co., Ltd. started the business from offering the market with Medium Duty cargo control products.

Today our products have been extended to a full range of the products:
    1) Bungee Cord - for consumer light duty purpose
    2) Cam Buckle Strap - for consumer medium duty purpose
    3) Ratchet Tie Down Strap - for consumer heavy duty purpose
    4) Ratchet Strap and Winch Strap for industrial heavy duty purpose
    5) Car Lashing - for car transporation
    6) E track strap - for interior van

Lifting and Rigging Industry

lifting lumber
lifting machinery
lifting pipe

Solid Products Co., Ltd. has a large selection of products for construction, building and crane companies.

In our range of products and services to the construction industry you will find a complete range of webbing slings, training and inspection. Our products are of the highest quality and from reputable suppliers with years of experience.

We can deliver a complete solution for safe lifting, which is something that is appreciated by our customers. We have, among other things, been hired as a full service supplier to large construction projects such as China Petro and North China National Grid’s “West Gas Eastward Transmission”.



Outdoor Sport


Slack Line is a new popular sport for outdoor. It used to be wire rope products. However, that was too expensive and too heavy.

With the application of ratchet tie down strap, slack line has a second life. It is economical and easy to carry. 

Try one and you will find a lot of fun in playing it. 

Off-Road Towing and Recovery


To play 4x4 SUV, you need a lot of stuffs. One thing we can suggest you is our Recovery Strap.

Recovery Strap can be a towing strap, but a towing strap can not always be used as off-road recovery.

Just remember recovery strap is always heavy duty and without hook while tow strap is often more economical and with a towing hook.

To learn more, please make inquiry to us. 

off road recovery

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